The Art of Tea

On a rainy day when its gloomy outside or when you meet with your friends to discuss the newest trends, one specific drink can make all situations better: tea! It is one of the few drinks that can always be served on daily basis, with meals and even at occasions. It gives people a mix of plants that surprise ones senses and has the effect of soothing and calming you down.

It’s an art that started centuries ago in Asia and has now expanded globally and now you can make tea art introducing the Capiz Shell Tea Chest with Drawer In your home décor. When serving tea for others or for even yourself there are certain time-consuming impediments, that may stop you from having the perfect tea experience. When serving or drinking tea it is important that you have the perfect surface on which to serve it, aesthetically pleasing and practical at the same. That’s why the Capiz Shell Tea Chest with Drawer Is a combination of traditional and innovative design that keeps in mind that it should fit with your home décor.

A situation that is very common when serving tea is that usually you are restricted to a certain flavour, you have the teapot with hot water and your teabag that is infusing but what if you could have the possibility of having multiple tea aromas without having to go and get another teabag. Curios? What if we told we can solve another situation? Everybody has been in a situation where you are serving tea your guests, but everyone wants a different flavour and remembering them may be difficult. For these situations what makes the Capiz Shell Tea Chest so innovative is that beside being a tea tray it has a drawer incorporated that can be used to store different aroma tea bags offering you the possibility of diversification as well as allowing you to sit back and relax.

The Capiz Shell Tea Chest with Drawer as mentioned earlier, has a traditional aspect to it as well being designed as a chest is a reminder of the tea tradition and incorporates perfectly in to a combination of modern and traditional home décor and comes in two different sizes small or large. So, next time you are having tea, you would not need to think about over flavours, just place a tea pot, a cup on the chest and pull the drawer and choose your favourite tea to awaken your senses.