Make every occasion special!

We know that any occasion that you celebrate with your family and friends is special, filled with love, laughter and memories. To go with such sweet occasions dessert is always a must, serving a diverse mixture of cakes and sweets always lightens up the atmosphere as well as giving another reason to continue conversation.

Setting up the table is a form of art itself placing every plate, fork, knives and glass meticulously to create the perfect set up table. To complete your table design we offer you the essential table accessory for everybody’s favourite meal: dessert. The Foldable Three-Tiered Cake Tray brings to your table décor a practical and beautiful ornament that will amaze your guests and family with its aesthetic look.


You may ask yourself why would I need an accessory as a tray cake in my home? What advantages does it bring? We found ourselves in the same position so that’s why we created an item that is not only pretty but practical as well.

Bringing the wow factor to your table setting is always a challenge, each of us wants to surprise and impress our guest to make them feel special. . When we curated and sourced this product, we thought of this element and saw two elements that take your table décor out of the ordinary. The Foldable Three-Tiered Cake Tray  has carefully carved details on each tier, enhancing every cake or sweet’s appeal on this tray. This cake tray is also silver plated, offering a refined look making this meal delicious and aesthetically pleasing.


Another challenge in setting a table is space. When you have a lot of guests the problem of over cluttering the table appears, you want to keep your table décor beautiful but space smart as well. Another advantage that the Foldable Three-Tiered Cake is its asymmetrical design offering the possibility of placing your dessert on different levels instead of placing them on plates and crowding your table. It’s size 30×30 is efficient for every table setting big or small and its also foldable which means that it does not use up space in your kitchen either.

Hopefully, we have solved some of your issues when it comes to table setting, we appreciate the art and the attention to detail that each of you put in offering a unique experience to your table guests. Remember dessert is everybody’s favourite meal so make sure you wow them the next time with your sweets and table décor.