Home décor pieces

There are plenty of things in the world people can admire. For some of us these are material things – money, concrete objects, clothes or furniture. For others, these can be children’s faces and smiles, close and beloved’s eyes, enjoying pleasant moments spent together, spending time outdoors. However, lots of people would agree that there are definitively three things to which we can’t stay indifferent. They are running water, endless sky full of stars and powerful open fire. We perfectly know that nature never stays apart from human beings. We always go together, inseparably.


Why do people need and enjoy them? It is not a secret that aqua and flame possess therapeutic effect.From old times till nowadays people use the power of the flame – its warmth and light – as for concrete things (to protect, to heat, to illuminate, to cook) so for more abstract things (to relax and calm down, to stop and to contemplate, to receive energy). Just imagine: at the end of enormously long working day, after back-breaking labor, arriving late at home, having a quick snack or long dinner, just putting a simple small white candle in a simple candlestand on your table you can create completely another atmosphere for yourself. It really can be like a breath of fresh air, which will certainly refresh you, will bring comfort, tranquility and appeasement. Just believe in this energy and permit it to become a part of your life, an inalienable part of home décor creating your own homely home.


Nowadays in our flats, we can see chimneys imitating real fire and wood; chandeliers that contain lamps in the shape of candles (long or thin, square or round, in any colors); candlestands decorating festive and everyday tables, windowsills and bookshelves.These beautiful home décor pieces became a real interior ornament as for our daily life so for holidays (New Year and Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and others); created by ourselves or bought by us they can tell pretty much things about theirowners (preferences, mood). Of course, we are talking about objects not just bought by chance but attentively chosen or created. Both, children and adults, men and women can find and see a real pleasure in enumerating objects.


Today we can express ourselves in absolutely various ways. We have plenty of resources of information and inspiration. We are limited neither in shapes nor in colors or savors. The delicious fragrance of candles’ odors, sophisticated shapes and fancy patterns on candlestands, curious and unexpected eye-catching decisions will definitively be a key to understand the personality or inner world of their creators. It is up to you to decide which atmosphere you aspire to create in your home and which objects and technologies to use to achieve it. The whole world experience is opened for you, you need just to believe, to start, to choose, to try and to create.