History of home decor

People always want to decorate their homes. Pictures and ornaments in the caves of ancient people is a vivid evidence of this fact. With the course of history, the concept of home décor changes a lot.

Every historical period had its peculiar style of architecture and interior design. Ancient objects of home décor can tell a lot about life of our ancestors, about styles of interior design which were popular in different periods of history. Classical Antiquity is followed by Romanesque and Gothic style. Then Renaissance comes which is replaced in its turn by Baroque and Rococo. Classicism and Neoclassicism, Modernism and Postmodernism – each style differs greatly from each other and brings unique peculiarity into home decoration.

In ancient times people of privileged classes demonstrated their wealth with the help of expensive décor elements. Mosaic, relief drawings, paintings on walls, floors and vaults were distinctive features of grand palaces at that time. Housesof wealthy people were always decorated with various statues, grand fountains, exquisite furniture, numerous vases and candelabras. A great variety of decorative elements made of wood, marble and bronze could be found there.

Era of international trading made a lot of goods from all over the world available for lots of people. Now home décor elements became affordable for many house owners, who wanted not only to furnish, but also to decorate their homes.

With the beginning of the age of mass manufacturing the popularity of décor accessories grew. People could easily buy décorsuch asvases, decorative bowls and plates, carpets and decorative furniture. Special attention was paid to the room lighting. No festive evening could do without candlelight bringing comfort and warmth. To make lighted candles look more beautiful, they were often put in candelabra. Reflected from the surface of candlestand, fire seemed even more magical and attractive.

Rapid technological progress, scientific developments and ever-increasing flow of information gave birth to a great variety of new materials, techniques and styles in decor. But such décor accessories like candlestands and candelabra, vases, decorative plates and platter stands retain their popularity through ages. The presence of such decor elements like candelabra Singapore in the house affirms a delicate taste of its owner, his love for things of beauty and foraccessories with a history. You can easily buy exquisite candlestands online and add some magic and romance to the atmosphere of your home.